Freedive the HMAS Swan Wreck

A day of pure apnea training and fun dives in the most spectacular marine location of the South West, the HMAS Swan Wreck site. 
The majestic HMAS Swan was the last River Class Destroyer Escort built in 1965. She was scuttled to form a dive wreck and artificial reef out off the coast of Dunsborough in December 1997. The Swan is over 113 m long and over 20 m wide. She sits at a maximum depth of 31 m.

It will be a day where you will have the possibility to work on aspects like relaxation, equalization, mind-set and others, that maybe are limiting your full potential, full potential that according to our philosophy, doesn`t mean necessarily to dive deep, but to dive, even in shallow water, in an harmonious and joyful way. 

Our instructor will be more that happy to give you helpful advices.

It will also be the opportunity to meet other freedivers, train and buddy-up together and share the same passion for the ocean.

The day will approximately run from 8 am to 3 pm weather dependent. 


– 15 January
– 27 January 
– 28 January
– 29 March
– 30 March
– 1 April

COST:  $230  

Note: Only certified freedivers