My name is Dario. I`m Italian, and I come from South Italy. When I was a child I used to spend every day underwater with my fins, mask and snorkel and my parents had to force me to get out when was too much.

Growing up I started windsurfing and surfing and I had, thanks to them, the opportunity to start to travel around Italy`s coast and get even more in love with the sea. Meanwhile, I graduated in “Environmental Science” at the University of Naples and I joined two oceanographic campaigns in the Mediterranean Sea.
Completed my study with success I decided to travel a bit, the chose destination was Australia. I arrived in 2008 and since then the OZ land has become my new home.

A few years ago` that kid that was used to spend a lot of time underwater came back. One day without any doubts I walked into a dive shop and I bought all the equipment for freediving. Since that day I started freediving and a bit later spearfishing as well, as much as I could, I wanted to spend more time in the water than on land, I wanted to share the ocean with all its life and be part of it.
I went back to Italy once a year for summer and there I had the chance to follow some freediving courses run by the best Italian freediver Umberto Pelizzari. What a great opportunity to learn more from such a legend.

In 2017, I decided to make a step forward and enrol on an instructor course in Bali. After 2 months of theory classes, pool and open water sessions, guided by the great instructors Yoram Zekri, Cristian Castaño Villa and Maria Oshevskaya, I finally made it.

But I haven`t stopped to the instructor course, there was and there is still much more to learn and more I learn when I train with elite freedivers or competing and more I can pass on to my students.
In 2018 I have trained for a month to Apnea Bali in Tulamben with two super girls, Julia Mouce and Eli Dipp to prepare myself for the Australian Depth Nationals, my first competition, a successful and great experience for me.

In 2019 after I have noticed that the main issue faced by my students was the equalization, I decided that was the time for me to learn more about it, to be able to help them even more. So, I went to Sharm el-Sheikh at the Freediving World center to see the master of the equalization Andrea Zuccari, for a full immersion equalization workshop. It was mind-blowing. Following Andrea`s philosophy and teachings I have also become a DAN EqualEasy Instructor. EqualEasy is a new series of training courses focused on equalisation awareness designed by Andrea for DAN Europe. Equalisation concerns not only divers and freedivers, but also adults and children who face for the first time a flight by plane, and even hyperbaric operators who daily face problems of this type.

Embodied Ocean Freediving is located in South West Australia, a region worldwide famous for its great wine, stunning beaches and much more. The courses are usually run between November and May when the weather conditions are more favourable.
Apart from the academic topics, what I try to pass to my students during my courses is to find the strong connection with the ocean that we all have within, to care for it, to protect and respect it. This is the concept behind Embodied Ocean Freediving.