This course is designed for people temporarily or completely no interested in depth discipline, but that want to learn about freediving and gain a solid freediving theoretical knowledge. The course builds a proper foundation helping the student to familiarize with the skills, knowledge, safety procedures and enjoyment of freediving in a pool. This course runs over 1,5 days.

– One theory session
– One breathing and relaxation session
– One stretching session
– Three pool sessions
– Final theory exam

– Science of freediving
– Freediving breathing cycle
– Basic physiology of freediving
– Equalization techniques
– Safety in freediving
– How to prevent blackout (BO) and loss of motor control (LMC)
– Freedive techniques
– Freediving disciplines
– Equipment in freediving

– Be 18 year old or 16 with parent or guardian consent
– Be able to swim 200 m no stop without fins or 300 m no stop with fins, mask and snorkel
To successfully complete the course you will have to perform a 2 minutes breath-hold and swim 40 m underwater with fins.

Student with particular physical conditions (listed in the Medical Statement that you will receive) that may affect the own safety, must seek the advice of a physician prior to engaging in the freedive activities.

COST: $ 300 (equipment not included)

What to bring?
Full wetsuit (better if between 3 and 4 mm)
Mask and snorkel
Fins (not necessarily freediving fins)
Weight belt and weights

Minimum 2 students to run this course

NOTE: At the end of the course you will be able to:
– Enroll for the AIDA 3 Pool Freediver (contact us for more info)
– Complete the AIDA 2 Open Water