The freediving camp experience is our new way to offer you freediving courses, to live a different adventure, a great opportunity to spend more time together in and out of the water and to be connected with nature in a beautiful environment.
The site is located about 130 km from Margaret River and 80 km from Busselton.
In this location, we will run the Introduction (AIDA 1) and the Freediver (AIDA 2) courses only.

AIDA 1 will run over one and half day.

AIDA 2 over two days and a half.

It`s also possible to organize training sessions for certified freedivers. To do so, please get in touch with us.
You are more than welcome to bring family or friends with you, so, they can enjoy the area while you are attending the course.
Camping gear is not provided so you have to bring your own. The nearest town, for daily shopping, is at 20 minutes by car from the campsite.
Check the courses dates section to find out when there will be the next Freediving Camp Experience.​