Have you ever been stuck for some reasons in your depth training and you kept trying over and over without having any better result?

Well, the freediving camp experience is the occasion you were waiting for. These two days of depth training are a great opportunity to improve your freediving skills, working on relaxation, equalization, and diving technique.
Your dives will be filmed and every thing will be analysed and discussed at the end of each session.
The training program will have the following structure.

FRIDAY (afternoon)
– Meeting to know each other and discuss about the program for the next two days

– Stretching and relaxation session
– Open water session one
 Lunch break and rest
 Open water session two
 Analysis and discussion of the morning dives
 Breathing and relaxation session

– Stretching and relaxation session
– Open water session three
– Analysis and discussion of the morning dives

– Be at least a certified freediver level 1 (it doesn`t matter from which agency)

Students with particular physical conditions (listed in the Medical Statement that you will receive) that may affect the own safety, must seek the advice of a physician prior to engaging in the freedive activities.

The location is the beautiful Wellington National Park. We will camp at the Potters Gorge campground and dive in the calm water of the Wellington Dam, with visibility around 10 m and a maximum depth of 30 m. You can book your site through the following website:


COST: $350 (equipment not included)

Minimum number to run this training program is 4 people